Two dogs left in sweltering hot car while owners went to theme park

Pet owners warned not to leave dogs in cars in the heat, after police had to free three dogs in Lincolnshire and the Isle of Wight.
Officers were called to save three dogs from sweltering cars over the hot weekend (Picture: MEN/Isle of Wight Police)

Two dogs have been saved after they were rescued from a hot car that was left in the sun while their owners went to a theme park.

Police shared pictures of the two panting dogs in the car park at the Blackgang Chine theme park on the Isle of Wight on Saturday afternoon where they had been left despite the hot weather.

They said the dogs were okay after the boot was opened and described it as a ‘regular summer call’.

Meanwhile, on the same day in Skegness, Lincolnshire, two security guards helped to rescue a Labrador that had been left at Hildred shopping centre.

A shopper called police who tracked the owners down to let the dog out. The witness said: ‘Someone had locked their dog in the car with the windows closed on a hot day.

‘They had two hours on a ticket but only came back because police got their number and called them. I certainly didn’t hold back telling them exactly what reprobates they are.’

Isle of Wight police were called to rescue two dogs that were trapped in a car in the sweltering heat in Blackgang Chine.
Two dogs also had to be freed by police at Blackgang Chine theme park on the same day (Picture: Isle of Wight Police)
A shopper was left furious in Skegness when she spotted a Labrador stuck in a 4x4 in the sweltering heat.
Security guards at a Skegness shopping centre tried to free the Labrador from the sweltering 4×4 (Picture: MEN Media)

She added: ‘The owner had left the window open very slightly but luckily security could open it fully. However the dog was caged and it was so hot. It could easily of been a very different outcome [sic].’

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Social media users were left angered by both of the posts, describing the incidents as ‘disgusting’ and calling for the owners to be prosecuted.

Commenting on the police’s post, one wrote: ‘The law needs to change and people need to be charged with animal cruelty if they leave a dog in a car in this heat.’

Another added: ‘Honest to God these people make MY blood boil! How many more times do they need telling!’
Police share advice about leaving dogs in hot cars.
Police shared a poster warning pet owners of the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars (Picture: Isle of Wight Police)
Many said those who leave their dogs in hot cars shouldn’t be allowed to own pets, which was echoed in comments left on the post regarding the Skegness incident.

One said: ‘They need to lock them in the car. Some people should not be allowed to have pets.’

Another wrote: ‘I hope they’re being prosecuted. Thats gross negligence. Theres been lots of news bulletins about dogs in hot cars. It’s disgusting.’

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