TV tonight: Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick returns with a puppy special

Channel 4’s well-loved vet starts a new series looking back on six years of saving the nation’s pets. Plus: the last of The School That Tried to End Racism. Here’s what to watch this evening

The Supervet: Puppy Special

8pm, Channel 4

Animal saviour Noel Fitzpatrick returns for this four-part series, looking back on the past six years of his rescuing efforts for the nation’s pets. This week, the focus is on that perennial fan favourite: puppies. Noel revisits the 2015 case of terrier puppy Rodney who was born with no back feet, leading to in a pioneering prosthesis operation, while he catches up with owners Sean and Andrea whose bulldog puppy Chica required a tricky fracture operation in 2017. Ammar Kalia

You Are What You Wear

8pm, BBC One

The world of aviation is still lopsided, gender-wise: Grace from Bournemouth wants to be taken seriously in her literally high-flying job, so is looking to exude professionalism and confidence with a Baroness Brady-style-inspired wardrobe. Can Rylan and his stylist squad help her with her wardrobe woes? Ali Catterall

Food Factory

8pm, National Geographic

A soothing “how it’s made”-style series pairing jolly narration with factory footage of how our favourite foodstuffs are produced. In this series opener, we look at the tooth-rattling manufacture of sticky Canadian toffee, a healthy vegan pesto, and a three-generation coffee operation. AK

Billion Pound Cruise Industry: Sunk By Coronavirus

9pm, ITV

Of all the many industries torpedoed by the current crisis, cruising has taken a particular bruising. In early 2020, these luxurious floating cities became plague ships barred from safety-conscious ports. This doc hears first hand from passengers who found themselves at risk. Graeme Virtue

Did you hear that? Sound frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz). The higher the Hertz, the higher-pitched the sound. Dogs hear best at 8,000 Hz, while humans hear best at around 2,000 Hz.

The School That Tried To End Racism.


The School That Tried To End Racism. Photograph: Mark Johnson/Channel 4

The School That Tried to End Racism

9pm, Channel 4

The closing episode of this prescient if somewhat oversold series sees our group of schoolchildren confronting white privilege before taking another unconscious bias test to see if their programme has changed their assumptions. Results aside, the kids’ own testimony is most powerful. AK

The Directors

9pm, Sky Arts

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of The Godfather. Francis Ford Coppola’s masterful combination of high art and box office bankability set a high bar. Yet, as this series opener reveals, the director’s less-admired films, such as Jack, starring the late Robin Williams, are just as fascinating. Ellen E Jones

Film choice

High-style horror … Sienna Miller in High-Rise.


High-style horror … Sienna Miller in High-Rise.
Photograph: Allstar/Film4
High-Rise (Ben Wheatley, 2016), 11.15pm, Film4Ben Wheatley, skilful purveyor of grisly-humoured creepiness in Sightseers and Kill List, is perfectly accommodated in the high-style horror of JG Ballard’s sci-fi novel. In a retro-70s futureworld the residents of a luxury tower block are subject to a strict social order whereby the richer you are, the higher you go. Paul Howlett

Sport choice:

Premier League football: Sheffield United v Tottenham Hotspur 5.30pm, Sky Sports Main Event. League clash from Bramall Lane. Premier League football: Manchester City v Liverpool 8pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Top-flight match. International Football: Roma v Udinese 8.40pm, Premier Sports. Italian Serie A head to head.