Traveling with Dogs: 10 Dogs Who Are Ready to Hit the Road

Traveling with Dogs: 11 Dogs Who Love Car Rides

There’s nothing quite like traveling with dogs. Most pooches love a good car ride spent with their cheeks flopping in the wind, their head bobbing up and down and a big toothy grin spread across their face.

While getting behind the wheel of a car might seem like a chore to you, to them, even a spin around the block is the adventure of a lifetime. And all it takes is five little words: “Wanna go for a ride?”

Here are 10 dogs who love riding in the car with their hoomans.

1. Road-Trip Ready

Dogs who love to travel

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Murphy clearly is ready to hit the open road.

2. Twinning So Hard

Dogs who love traveling

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“But first, shades!”

3. Car Seat Snoozin’

Just get Chewie in his car seat, and he’ll happily nap until you get back home.

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4. Sun’s Out, Tongue’s Out

Traveling with dogs

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When your favorite song comes on the radio.

5. Mean Muggin’

Dogs who like traveling

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These pups wonder why they have to sit in traffic jams created by hoomans when all they want to do is flap in the wind.

6. A Watchful Eye

Dogs who like to travel

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Admiring the scenery while looking for squirrels.

7. Personal Driver

Dogs who like to travel

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Your driver, Horton, will arrive in two minutes.

8. Riding in Style

Dogs who like traveling

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“Get in the car, hooman; adventures await!”

9. Enjoying the Scenery

Dogs who like to travel

Read your dog's body language.

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“Maybe if I drool on the window, my hooman will stop and get me a Puppuccino!”

10. Dog Steals Car, Smiles Nonstop

Dogs in cars

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Grand theft auto never looked so adorable.

11. Takin’ It Easy

Dogs who like travel

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Ollie enjoys the simple things in life: beef-flavored dog treats , long rides in the car and naptime with this hooman.

All of these doggos clearly love the car, and if your pup does too, never forget—safety first! Just as your body is protected from a potential accident with a seat belt, theirs should be, too. Keep your dog safe during car rides by getting the right supplies, like a seat-belt tether, a dog car seat or a dog carrier that can be securely stowed.

By: Chrissa Hardy

Featured Image: Courtesy of nevillethefluffbottom/Instagram

Video #3: Courtesy of hi_im_chewie/Instagram