Trapped dog who fell into 12ft mineshaft is pulled out alive after four days

Olive walking out of the mineshaft, Olive hugging Charlotte.
Two-year-old Olive was visibly excited to see her owners – Jo Belton and her daughter Charlotte (Pictures: Facebook)

Adorable footage shows the moment a brave dog was reunited with her owners after being stuck in a mineshaft for four days.

Jo Belton and her daughter Charlotte were worried when their two-year-old labrador Olive went missing during a countryside walk in Sheffield. They put up posters and called Homebound Animal Rescue Response Team – which used drones and thermal imaging cameras to try and spot Olive. Their hope was starting to wane after four whole days with no luck but then a family friend, Phil Robinson, heard a whimper in the area and followed it to a big opening which was covered in long grass.

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It turns out that Olive had fallen down the 12ft mineshaft in the ground and landed at the bottom. ‘When something like this happens you would think they would be barking but sometimes the dog goes quiet,’ Phil said.

Luckily, water had dripped down the walls of the mineshaft and Olive was able to survive by drinking it.

Labrador dog Olive hugging her owner.
The vet later said Olive was completely unharmed (Picture: Facebook)
A hole covered in long grass.
The mineshaft Olive fell down was covered in long grass (Picture: Facebook)
A firefighter helping Olive out of the hole in a Sheffield field.
A firefighter had to go into the hole to rescue Olive (Picture: Facebook)

A firefighter went down the shaft with a rope and ladder and gave the scared dog some food and water to calm her down.

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Then he picked Olive up and carried her to the surface to be returned to her delighted owners.

Olive looked just as excited as Jo and Charlotte as she ran in their arms with a wagging tail.

She was taken straight to vet, who said Olive was miraculously unharmed.

Charlotte said: ‘Thank you so much to every single person who has been searching for her, we can’t believe we have our angel back.

‘She was completely fine other than the fact she’s lost a lot of weight. She has no injuries or broken bones or anything and she still seemed herself.’

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