Track your furry friend's fitness levels

If you think fitness trackers for pets are a little over the top, you need to rethink a bit. After all, dogs also have the same health-related problems as humans.
With dogs often suffering from issues like obesity, diabetes etc, dog-owners are increasingly turning to wearable technology to monitor their pet's wellness and encourage them to live an active lifestyle. There are several user-friendly collar-gadgets and activity trackers that show how much time pooches spend sleeping, walking, running and playing, showing various movement levels from resting to high-activity. Some devices even pinpoint the location of your pet via GPS and generate reports on pulse and respiration.

"Like humans, pets also suffer from lethargy. Refusing to get up, showing disinterest in playing with their favourite toy, having no energy to perform simple tasks are some signs of fatigue and ill health in pets," says pet consultant Rosie Paul. In such situations, fitness trackers help pet parents track changes in their dog’s activity over the medium to longer term. With the help of technology, they can notice small changes in their pet's behaviour and help consult a veterinarian before a health issue gets worse.
Yes, a regular trip to the vet is great for your pet but technology can do wonders in helping you understand your pet's health symptoms. This, in turn, helps you communicate the same to the vet. To sum it up, fitness trackers, by helping you keep an eye on your pet's activity and nutrition levels, can help you ensure your pet is happy and healthy.

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