Top 10 most popular dogs as prices hit £4,000 during lockdown - watch out for hidden costs

THE cost of owning a dog has skyrocketed during lockdown bringing a greater threat of dog theft. Here is a rundown of the top 10 most sought after dog breeds.

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Lockdown has been an incredibly lonely time for plenty of people and this has caused an increase in the demand for puppies. For some breeds, costs have almost trebled in price since 2019.Research from Burgess Pet Care has revealed that cocker spaniels are the most popular breed of dog purchased since the first lockdown. In second place comes miniature dachshunds, followed by springer spaniels, French bulldogs and cockapoos.Golden retrievers, border collies, Labradors, border terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers also made the list.
Those considering buying a puppy are advised to thoroughly research a breeder before purchasing or consider adopting from a rescue centre. Owners should be cautious when buying over the internet or local newspapers.Dr Suzanne Moyes, vet at Burgess Pet Care, said: “During last year’s lockdown, we saw a rise in pet ownership, particularly of puppies and dogs, and this may well continue to increase during 2021. Dogs can be fantastic pets and bring joy into a home. A healthy dog is quite often a happy dog, and it's vital that current pet owners, or those considering getting a dog this year, look after all of their welfare needs.”Of course, the cost of a pet does not end after the initial sale. Owners must also consider vaccinations, chipping, neutering, vet appointments, insurance - before beginning to total the cost of feeding and caring for their animal.

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Cocker spaniels are the most popular breed of dog. (Image: Getty)

top ten dog breeds

Burgess Pet Care has outlined the top 10 most popular dog breeds. (Image: Burgess Pet Care)

Burgess Pet Care has listed the essential vet treatments dog owners must be aware of when owning a puppy including microchipping £15, neutering £110- £300, and vaccinations £143.60.

Then, there are additional costs like flea and worming treatments, annual vet check-ups and pet insurance - which can cost £161.16 or more.

The essential items needed to care for your dog, such as a bed, food bowls, a lead, toys and more, can cost up to £291.

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A healthy dog is a happy dog- but this comes at a cost. (Image: Getty)This comes as reports of dog thefts across the country are becoming more and more frequent due to their increased demand and monetary value.Since the beginning of lockdown, dog thefts have risen by 170 percent as criminals take the opportunity to snatch and resell dogs to make some cash.According to the Pet Census, a dog is most likely to be stolen from an owner’s garden, local parks and cars.DON'T MISSBoris warned of huge increase in Covid cases if lockdown ends early [COVID]Muppet Show: Disney adds content warning [TV]Queen criticised for severing 'all olive branches from Megxit tree' [ROYAL]SimpliSafe has put together a number of tips to avoid dog theft:Make sure your dog is microchipped and their details are registered and kept up to date with a microchip database such as Petlog.Owners should take preventative measures, including ensuring their home has an alarm system, not leaving their dog tied up outside a shop or other public place and making sure they can see their dog when out and about on walks.Make sure your home is secure from the outside. Simple measures such as driveway gates, motion sensor lights and home security cameras can really deter burglars who may look for quick opportunities to swipe valuable pets.