TODAY's Rom-Com Bracket Showdown: Which of the final 4 stole your heart?

Love is in the air. Well, at least it’s on the screen.

We think you’re going to love this: TODAY is asking you to pick the best romantic comedy of all time. That’s right — to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’ve assembled a bracket to find the film that melts hearts the most, the one that makes it skip a beat, the one we think about when we’re watching other movies and feel unfulfilled.

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We're now down to the final four. Some of Hollywood’s heaviest hitters are featured in the quartet of movies that have already won audience's hearts, but remain in contention for your vote.

So, start a roaring fire, open a box of chocolates and pop a bottle of wine. Here are the movies still vying for the coveted title.

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Pretty Woman” vs. “Sleepless in Seattle” Julia Roberts’ reward for knocking out Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally” in the last round? She gets Ryan again, this time in “Sleepless in Seattle,” which toppled “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” in the quarterfinals. These two fan favorites will now duke it out for the right to go to the finals.