Tips to take care of your furry friend this monsoon

Well, monsoons are a relief from the scorching heat and getting drenched with your furry friend sounds like a fun plan. While there is no harm in enjoying the rains with your pooch occasionally, the pet parents must keep in mind dogs also need special care during this period, just like humans. Here are some easy tips that will help you to keep your pooch fit and not let rains dampen the spirits.

Watch the walk
Try to avoid water-logged areas when you take out your pooch for a walk. Along with the danger of mosquito or insect bites, you pooch might end up hurting itself from sharp stones, pieces of metal or glass that are not visible. Also, dogs tend to catch infections pretty quick during monsoon, so do not do the mistake of ignoring any type of wounds or bruises. Once back, make sure you wash its paws to get rid of the dirt and muck, and keep its entire body dry and warm.

Prefer boiled water
Pet needs to a bit more cautious with the drinking water during monsoons. Dogs tend to have low-immunity levels and in turn, more chances of contracting water-borne diseases at this time. Hence, make sure you keep boiled and cooled water in your pet’s container. This would help to keep diarrhoea and tummy-related infections at bay.

Groom the right way
Regular bathing with an anti-septic shampoo is a must during this season to avoid any kind of tick or flea problems. Again, towel or blow dry your pooch after the bath and make sure you do not miss any vaccination recommended by the veterinarian.

Weight management
Heavy downpour can restrict the duration of walks but that does not mean you compromise on your pet’s daily physical activity. Make sure it remains active indoors (instead of relaxing in the air-conditioned room all day) and you feed it a balanced, fibre-rich diet to aid digestion. You can play the game of fetch or running up and down the stairs to keep its weight in check.

Check out this!
Well, dogs generally lick their body to groom themselves. However if you spot your pet constantly licking or scratching itself and has a foul smell, it might have a bacterial or fungal infection. It’s best you take it to the veterinarian before the condition gets worse.

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