Tips to keep your furry pal warm in winter

Winter is on and while we may cover up in the chill, pets also need to stay safe and warm. Animal lover Anushka Iyer says, "Provide the pet with an extra layer of warmth with a jacket. If you have a puppy or a kitten, then it's important to get them get warm clothing as they are even more susceptible to cold. Their diet matters at this time, too. Here are a few of these vet-approved tips to take care of pets this winter season."
Keep them warm
Keeping pets warm is essential for their well-being. Winter can play havoc with their body temperature - even a slight difference in the body temperature can be an invitation to a variety of illnesses and prolonged exposure to cold can lead to hypothermia. To avoid this, keeping your pets warm is a must. Pick up a pet-friendly coat or sweater that's now available online and in stores, for them. Although their fur offers natural protection, an extra layer of warmth will reduce the chances of ills.

Grooming matters
Winter may seem like a lazier season, but don’t let that come in the way of your pet’s grooming session. Regular grooming is a must to keep your pet’s coat and fur shining. This is a sure-shot way to avoid any skin issues like dryness, excessive shedding, itchiness, etc. If a grooming session is not possible, one can always opt for at-home options. Coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and hemp seed oil are great options when it comes to keeping their fur healthy. Warm these up and give them a good massage a day before their bath. Get your hands on a wide-tooth comb/brush. Run it through their body once a day to keep the dirt away and skin healthy.
Cosy, comfortable beds


As soon as winter arrives, pets tend to start sleeping more. That's because they too feel warm, cosy and lethargic, just like humans and deserve to catch up on their sleep in a comfy bed. Get one as per your pet’s breed and size. While they are always welcome to sleep with you, don’t let them sleep on the floor as it will bring them down with a cold."

Ensure the diet in right


Pets need to stay warm from the outside as well as from the inside. While for outside warmth, they can have beds and clothing, for the inside, they need to have a good diet. This should contain foods that will keep their tummies full and their bodies warm. Chicken or veg soup, oatmeal made with water, rice, carrots, dog food, etc are usually part of a pet’s bowl. Even though it is winter, don’t forget to add fresh water to their diet.

Vet visit
Our pets dread vet visits. But extreme weather conditions call for one. If you are a parent of a puppy/kitten, you will need to visit the vets more frequently. While a baby will need to stay up to date on their vaccinations, an adult or older pet will need regular health checkups to ensure they are in the pink of their health."

Don't forget to take care of strays
It's an especially good idea to be kind to strays at this time. Get them a warm bed made of jute sacks or simply lay out a plastic bag covered with your old bedsheets so that they have a warm place to sleep, too. Provide them with warm food twice a day. And if possible, get coats to protect them against the bitter cold.

Use these easy tips to keep them warm and snuggly for the rest of the season!

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Celebrate Your Pet at Every Age. Everyone loves a new puppy or kitten, says Dr. Becker. “They’re wildly kinetic, and humorous. An older pet is thinner, bonier. Their coats aren’t as soft, they might have bad breath.” But, like people, a pet’s needs change with age. They may be less active, preferring a leisurely stroll to a rollicking tug-of-war. “Our old retriever, who’s blind, still wants to retrieve.” Adapting to their changing needs will ensure your old friend remains a healthy and happy member of your family.

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