Tips to enjoy a pet friendly vacation

Going on a vacation? It is important to prepare your pet for the trip in advance and give them easy to digest food, say experts. Here are some tips to keep in mind.
Prepare your pet for the trip
The basic step is to make sure your pet is comfortable with the trip. You can do it by taking them on short drives first, and increase the distance gradually. Analyse how your pet reacts to a long distance journey.

Make lodging plans in advance
It can be a challenge to find rentals that will accept your pet, particularly at the last moment. By booking ahead, you will ensure that both you and your pet have a safe place to stay.

Keep your pet safe and secure with proper ventilated carrier
The carrier you will take along with you should be hygienic and spacious for your pet, so that if their muscles get tired after sitting, they can stand in it. If you forget the carrier, don't allow your animal to ride with its head outside the window.

Prepare a pet-friendly travel kit
You should carry their basic kit like bowls, plastic bags, medication, first aid box and documents like identity proof. You can also keep a pillow or a favourite toy with them.

Feed your dog with easy to digest food and bottled water
You should always feed your pet with healthy food so that they can easily digest food while travelling. You should make sure that dogs eat in moderation and consume distilled water only.

(With inputs from Chaitanya Jain)