This puppy with gorgeous, salon-worthy eyelashes will melt your heart

mabel the dog with eyelashes
Just look at them (Picture: Caters)
Meet Mabel – the stunning puppy whose lengthy lashes are enough to give Disney characters a run for their money. The chocolate working cocker spaniel, from Warwickshire, has captured the hearts of the nation with videos on TikTok , which have racked up more than 2.3 million likes.

Her natural expression is quite literally the definition of ‘puppy dog eyes’ and there’s no doubt that a flutter of those big, innocent lashes means she can get away with anything.

Mabel’s owner, Caitlin Baker, is actually an eyelash technician.

The 20-year-old said she fell head over heels in love with the canine when she first saw her spectacular lashes.

Mabel the one-year-old cocker spaniel
What a heartbreaker (Picture: Caters News Agency)
Caitlin, who is currently out of work due to Covid-19 restrictions, said: ‘Mabel’s eyelashes are natural.

‘When we first saw her we fell in love with her and then noticed her lashes and instantly loved her even more.

‘People think she’s amazing and often say she looks like Cindy Lou from The Grinch, which is my favourite Christmas movie.’ Cindy Lou in the hit film was played by actress Taylor Momsen, who actually needed lash extensions to achieve the fluttery look. Mabel, on the other hand, is blessed with natural ones.

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It’s safe to say we could happily gaze into the pooch’s eyes all day.

Mabel the one-year-old cocker spaniel
We need her secret (Picture: Caters News Agency)
Mabel the one-year-old cocker spaniel
The sweet little pup (Picture: Caters News Agency)

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