This Puppy Was Hit By A Train Lost An Eye And Two Legs Before Finding New Loving Family

This little doggy soon recovered after his accident, thanks to his positive attitude, a beautiful new wheelchair and the support of the wildlife association.

Trooper is the name given to this little dog who has faced all obstacles. And his name is perfectly chosen! A “trooper” in English “good little soldier”!

The doggie was loosely abandoned in a park in Ohio in the United States on March 13th. Only hours later, he was hit by a train as he tried to cross the train tracks that were near the park.

The dog’s small body was severely impacted. His two hind legs were amputated instantly, and he also lost an eye.

Animal Friends Humane Society heard the story of the poor animal and took care of it right away. He was hospitalized urgently: Trooper was not at the end of his sentences.

Against all odds, the little dog kept his spirits up and showed his inquisitive and energetic character to the volunteers who cared for him. He loves hugs and kisses and did not hesitate to claim despite all his wounds that complicated his movements.

Thanks to his winning attitude, Trooper was able to test his wheelchair only a month after his accident:

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Still, a little practice and the doggie can live his life thoroughly with his new family. And yes! He has already found new loving parents who are used to dogs with disabilities and who can be with him at home all day long. He will move with them in the next few days and will be able to gamble as much as he likes!

Long life Trooper and his new family! Don’t forget to share this brave dog story with your friends!

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