This poor little Staffie is absolutely terrified of butternut squash

Move over postmen because dogs have a new sworn enemy – the butternut squash.

As vegetables go, they’re certainly up there as one of the most terrifying.

And it only took one dreaded squash to put the fear of God into this little Staffie cross.

He may be called Zeus but he was far from heroic as he gave the big veg a few puppy barks from a safe distance.

Zeus is doing a lot better without the squash to bother him (Picture: Bethany Davies)
He’s just a big softy (Picture: Bethany Davies)
Hopefully Zeus never has to encounter a squash again (Picture: Bethany Davies)

His owner, Bethany Davies, said Zeus only calmed down when the squash was removed from the house entirely.

‘We only got Zeus a few weeks ago. He’s just over six months old.

‘I think he hadn’t seen a squash before. Maybe it was the smell or the size but even when I hid it from him, he was still going mental.

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‘I had to take it outside. It looks like I won’t be having butternut squash any time soon.’

Although Bethany still can’t understand why Zeus is so terrified of butternut squash, she said the video shows ‘how much of a softy’ Staffies and pitbulls really are.