This is how you can celebrate your dog's birthday at home

It is Priyanka Chopra Jonas' dog Diana's birthday today. And on her 4th birthday, global star Priyanka is making sure Diana feels special today. Her Instagram stories are filled with snaps of Diana which are all way too adorable. This brings us to talk about how you can celebrate your dog's birthday during the lockdown and we have got some fun ideas for you.
- Choose the perfect present: Your dog is spoiled every single day, but birthdays are special and they should be spoiled even more on their birthday. Get the best toy or gift for your dog according to what they really love.

- Decorate the living room: You must have helped all your friends and family to decorate their home for a special birthday party. You can do the same for your dog as well. Blow some balloons, hang some colourful doggy banners around the house, bake a cake for your dog, get birthday hats and give your dog the best birthday while at the comfort of your home.
- Buy doggy ice cream: The real ice cream is obviously not great for your dog's gastrointestinal tract. You can rather whip up some puppy-approved ice cream at some with ingredients you already have in your pantry. Blend some bananas with plain yogurt and cream and freeze it overnight for the right consistency. You can then give your dog this ice cream and watch him lick it all away!

- Make a cute party outfit: Your dog deserves a new outfit for its birthday and you can make one easily by referring to online tutorials. Get all the material you want to stitch a nice cute looking outfit for your puppy for the birthday.

- Set a photobooth: This is a really fun way to get some adorable pictures of your dog. Set up a tiny area with a colourful background and a table covered with printed cloth. Put your puppy on top of this table, make them wear a bow-tie, a birthday hat or anything that looks cute on them. Once they are ready, start clicking pictures of them.

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