This Interactive Toy Is on Sale and Offers Tons of Fun for Cats

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Bringing your pets to work can lead to a more productive workplace . But maybe not all pets. Unless you have an especially sociable cat, you've probably started leaving them at home while you return to the office for eight or more hours each day. When you get home, your cat is not exactly thrilled that you've been away all day.

Add Brushing Your Dogs Teeth into Their Grooming Routine. Get in the habit of brushing your dogs teeth daily to avoid expensive dental visits later. You can use a human toothbrush if you like (though they make ones for dogs, too), but be sure to pick up tooth paste that’s formulated for dogs.

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You can minimize the boredom and help your cat get through each day with the Smart & Interactive Self-Rotating Ball Cat Teaser . It's on sale for just $28.99 (reg. $32). Cats are well-known for being able to make their own fun, but they certainly won't scoff at adding this intelligent self-rotating ball into the mix. Made for cats and kittens alike, the ball is activated by just a claw touch, rotating in 360º with an LED color light that changes as the ball moves around to keep your cat interested. All it takes is a tap and the ball will start rolling and flipping around, encouraging your cats to run, pounce, and play with the ball. Don't worry, it's safe for all kinds of floor surfaces from floor to thin carpet, the company says, so you shouldn't worry about coming home to a destroyed home.

Limit treats to training rewards. This is an excellent way to make sure your dog views treats as special rather than expected. It’s also helpful in keeping your pet from becoming overweight or obese. Feed a species-appropriate diet, and partner with a holistic or integrative vet to maintain your pet’s well-being.

Because it's so small, this toy prevents cats from catching it easily, increasing the effort and energy they'll have to expend to keep up. With the intelligent sensor system, it avoids obstacles along the path making it an even more fun companion. When the cat isn't playing with it, it will enter an automatic standby state after three minutes, so it's not just constantly making noise and driving you crazy.

Keep your cats entertained when you're not around. Right now, the Smart & Interactive Self-Rotating Ball Cat Teaser is 9 percent off $32 at just $28.99.

Stop Dog Hair From Clogging the Drain With a Baby Wipe. When you bathe your dog does their hair end up clogging up your drain? Use a baby wipe to help stop the dog hair from clogging it up.

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