This celebrity dog has over a million followers! Here’s her heart touching story

Here’s a heart-warming story of an adorable dog who has now become an internet sensation. Meet Marnie, a 17 year old Shih Tzu who has millions of followers on social media platforms, her own website, an app and even a book dedicated to her.

Popular for her tilted head and floppy tongue, Marnie’s story is beautiful and inspiring. She was adopted from a dog shelter at the age of 11 by Shirley Braha, and was not in the pink of health. There was cloudiness in her eyes, mouth infection, and was suffering from a condition called vestibular syndrome that left her head permanently tilted. However, with little medical intervention and loads of love, this elderly dog bounced back to normal state and has now become one of the most famous rescued dogs on Instagram.

Here are some adorable pictures of Marnie.

Not to miss, she has a special book titled ‘Marnie the Dog: I’m a Book’ dedicated to her that has a special collection of her photos along with some hilarious captions. If you are not surprised yet, this pooch also has an app named Marnie Pro App.

Marnie’s pictures are drool-worthy but this little canine has an important message for every dog lover. While most of us are more than willing to adopt a puppy, a senior dog might struggle to find a loving family. But why? Marnie’s parent Braha opines that older dogs are generally calmer and often house-trained. They are as loving as the pups and adopting them gives them a beautiful second life.

Marnie has become Braha’s constant companion, and the duo attends parties, go grocery shopping and even travel together. We wish Marnie an amazing and healthy life ahead.

(Images: Instagram)

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