This amazing dogs-only festival has a pet hotel, canine contests and even a spa

This amazing dogs-only festival has a pet hotel, canine contests and even a spa
Goodwoof is a doggie dream (Picture: Toby Adamson/ Goodwoof)
It’s renowned for its fabulous estate, racetrack and Festival Of Speed, but glorious Goodwood is now hosting a new event – an inaugural celebration of all things doggy. Goodwoof will run this Saturday and Sunday, when the 12,000-acre estate will open its doors to around 6,000 people a day – and an unlimited number of visiting dogs . There’ll be demonstrations by experts, agility competitions, chillout zones, and even a Barkitecture competition, where leading architects and designers aim to create the ultimate office environment and housing for our canine pals, with designs being judged by Kevin McCloud.

Put a ball in your dog's food bowl if he or she eats too fast. They be forced to move the ball around to get to all the food.

It’s fair to say dogs have reigned supreme at Goodwood over the years. When the third Duke of Richmond built expansive housing for his beloved dogs in 1787, they were known as the most luxurious kennels in the world – even the heating was installed a century before such warmth made it to the house itself.

The famous kennels will now form a backdrop to the spectacular Goodwoof, although these days they are a private members’ clubhouse. With dogs welcome, only naturally…

Doggy delights

Festive social media content for Goodwoof. Client: Goodwood. Picture date: Tuesday December 7, 2021. Photograph by Christopher Ison ?? 07544044177 IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING IMAGE LICENCING FOR THIS PHOTOGRAPH: This image is supplied to the client under the terms previously agreed. No sales are permitted unless expressly agreed in writing by the photographer. Sharing with third parties is prohibited without the written permission of the photographer.
These are some pampered pooches (Picture: Christopher Ison)

Make a dog-walking station for the entryway if you have more than one dog. See how this is done here.

Betty the schnauzer and Truckle the golden labrador pose for a picture with their two little Yorkshire terrier guests in the elegant reception of the Goodwood Hotel – a dog-friendly, luxurious hotel on the estate that welcomes pooches into all its restaurants and bars.

On arrival each dog is given a dog bed and their own dog bowl to ensure they have the most comfortable possible stay.

On the wall behind the canine sitters are portraits of various dogs owned by the Duke of Richmond and his family over the years.

Is it a duck…or a dog? The Newfoundland breed has a water resistant coat and webbed feet. This dog was originally bred to help haul nets for fishermen and rescuing people at risk of drowning.

Goodwoof aims to celebrate the role dogs have played in our past but also how important they are to our present health and happiness.

Pet practice

Holly the Shetland Sheepdog
Which breeds can run like a Shetland Sheepdog? (Picture: Goodwoof)

Hollie the sheltie sets a dashing pace as she weaves expertly through poles on an agility course.

But festival goers who have mixed breed pets may be tempted by the DNA testing kit for dogs available at The Wisdom Panel in the Wellness Centre.

This not only identifies the breeds within a mixed breed and outlines how the knowledge of those breeds can help detect medical disorders and help owners to tailor make care.

For a dog who loves to tear apart stuffed animals, make a durable activity ball with a Hol-ee rubber ball, scraps of fabric, and treats.

Dashing doggos

The race is on (Picture: Toby Adamson)
Axel the German pointer leads the way during a CaniCross challenge, where owners race with their dogs across 1.8km. The Have-A-Go area, presented by Animal Friends, offers something for every dog, including a Fastest Dog 50-Metre Dash. Each year Goodwoof will focus on exceptional breeds and honour dog heroes from history.

This year it’s the spaniel and owners are invited to enter their pals in the largest breed get-together of its kind.

Pup, pup and away

Meet the Disc Dog world champion (Picture: Goodwoof)

A shower caddy makes a great storage solution for all your doggie stuff.

All eyes will be on the competition elements in the Action Arena where world Disc Dog champion Adrian Stocia makes his debut in Britain – showcasing spectacular skills in distance and freestyle frisbee with his talented border collie. There’s also Heelwork to Music and the gravity-defying Barkour, where canine partnerships navigate a course designed by stunt-coordinators from the Mission Impossible movies.

Make a Simple Puzzle Toy With a Muffin Tin. Looking for a simple way to keep your dogs mind busy? Create a simple puzzle toy with a muffin tin, treats and a few tennis balls. And if you’re looking some more boredom busters check out 26 simple ways to relieve dog boredom.

Pooch pampering

Dog Massage
Ohhhhh yes (Picture: Goodwoof)
Dog therapist Lilo Ask-Henriksen treats injured muscles and arthritic conditions through massage and also practices Reiki. Sessions with her at the Studio, presented by Randox Health, can be booked in advance.

Hound of music

Siobhan will be playing a puppy lullaby (Picture: Toby Adamson)
Classically trained harpist Siobhan Swider has played at the Royal Opera House.

But today she uses her skills on dogs – working to create soothing tones that send many of our puppy pals to sleep.

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Wow, check out those choppers! Puppies have 28 teeth and normal adult dogs have 42.

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