Thieves dragged dog over fence and stole her from family’s garden

An English Pointer has been found three weeks after thieves pulled her over a gate and stole her from her home. The shocking theft was captured on CCTV, with two people filmed approaching the gate of Laura Attwooll’s home in Longney, near Gloucester, on August 15. Her dogs Lola and Max then went outside to see what the noise was. Lola then jumped up against the gate and was dragged over the top by her front legs. A man can then be seen leaning over the gate again and trying to grab Max, before backing away when the dog visibly flinches.
Laura and her husband Nigel, who were in bed at the time of the theft, launched an appeal to find Lola on social media and shared the CCTV. The dog was then found by a member of the public who found her running loose near Cheltenham Racecourse. They had seen Laura’s social media appeals, which contained her phone number.

The family were shocked to see how much weight Lola had lost. Officers told Laura it was likely the thieves dumped the dog because she was refusing to eat and becoming a high profile case.

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Lola the English Pointer dog was stolen from her home in Longney and the moment was caught on CCTV Submitted pic Credit: GloucestershireLive/BPM
Lola the English Pointer was pulled over the gate by thieves (Picture: GloucestershireLive/ BPM)
Moment dognappers steal dog over fence
She was found three weeks after being stolen on August 15 (Picture: BPM)
Laura told Gloucestershire Live: ‘It’s amazing. We are so lucky to have her back. They did try to take her chip out but were unsuccessful. We can’t believe our luck that she was found so close. To say we are over the moon is an understatement.

‘Lola is very thin and has little energy but is so happy and content to be home with her family, we will soon get her back to her normal healthy self and she will be bounding around the fields in a couple of weeks.’

Martin Surl, Gloucestershire’s Independent Police and Crime Commissioner, wrote on Twitter: ‘This is great news and I’m sure Gloucestershire Police will be delighted and continuing their investigation.’

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