‘They’re always side by side’: Beagle and toddler are inseparable best buds

pictures of a baby and beagle who are best buds
They’ve been friends since Marley was a baby (Picture: @thebabyandthehound / Mercury Press)
Toddler Marley and his beagle best buddy share a bond that began when Marley was just a baby. Mum Emma Adams, 28, has shared pictures and videos of the pair cuddling and playing together, and credits dog Jax, four, with helping Marley, three, hit certain milestones. Emma, from Motherwell, near Glasgow, said: ‘When Marley was getting bigger, Jax never really understood that Marley couldn’t play with him.

‘He was always bringing toys over and trying to get Marley to play with him.

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‘Jax would encourage Marley to pick up toys, throw them, and he helped with his balance when he started moving about.

‘Everyone always comments on how good Marley’s balance is, and it’s all down to Jax.

‘As soon as Marley could move he was chasing Jax all the time.’

The pair love spending all their time together, including on family days out with Emma and her partner Liam, 31, who is a gravedigger. Emma, who works for the NHS as a customer service advisor, said: ‘They love being outside together, they love going out for walks or to the beach.

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‘Marley will throw sticks for Jax into the water for him to fetch and bring back.

‘They love eating together, Marley is always trying to give his food to Jax and share with him.

Three-year-old Marley and pooch Jax, four, playing dress up.
Playing dress-up (Picture: @thebabyandthehound / Mercury Press)

‘Jax is always ready and waiting for some food to drop from Marley.

‘They’re always side by side.’

Jax and Marley even like being together in their sleep.

Emma said: ‘They love to nap together, they have done for Marley’s whole life.

‘When Marley was a baby, Jax would sleep with his head rested next to him.

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‘Now, they still nap together on the couch.

Jax the dog pushing Marley in his buggy
They’re too much (Picture: @thebabyandthehound / Mercury Press)

‘Sometimes, in the mornings, I’ll wake up to find that Jax has snuck into Marley’s room in the night.

‘I’ll come in and see him sleeping on his bed with him.’

Even when Marley was still in the womb, Jax was protective of Emma and her bump.

She said ‘Apparently dogs can sense when you’re pregnant quite early.

‘Anytime I was in the house he would be right beside me.

‘From the moment we brought Marley home from the hospital Jax wanted to be involved.’

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