These dogs are waiting for a home in lockdown

Three dogs on a colourful background
These angels need a home (Picture: Birmingham Dogs Home)
Last week, we told you about Alfie, the adorable pup who hadn’t received a single adoption enquiry.

Good news – he has since received countless messages from people who want to give the pooch a forever home.

But Alfie isn’t the only dog waiting for someone to adopt them.

In fact, one rescue centre is at capacity, and until the existing dogs are given homes, they can’t take on new ones.

At Birmingham Dogs Home, staff are struggling to cope with lockdown restrictions, as these mean prospective owners have to book an appointment before attending.

Which in turn means the adoption process takes much longer – and it appears people are less inclined to do it.

If you’re in the market for a pet, here are some of the gorgeous pups waiting for a home right now, including Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Akitas and Labradors.


Bella the dog
Look at this beauty (Picture: Birmingham Dogs Home)
This 10-year-old Staffie might be old, but she still likes to play and be active.

Of course, she also loves more relaxed activities.


Buzz the dog
The Staffie needs an owner willing to put in the time to get to know him (Picture: Birmingham Dogs Home)
Also a Staffie, Buzz is a shy character.

laidback pet breeds

But he has a lot of love to give to an owner who has the patience to get to know him, and is very affectionate.


Troy the dog
Look at this happy face (Picture: Birmingham Dogs Home)

Troy came to the centre with his parents, but both of them have already found homes – while he is left on alone, waiting for someone to choose him.

The two-year-old Staffordshire Cross is very energetic and loves to play.


Dogs looking for a home in Birmingham
Jack needs an owner who has experience with big, strong dogs (Picture: Birmingham Dogs Home)
Jack is a big boy. The Akita’s future owner needs to have experienced with strong-willed dogs and he’ll require additional training.


Wilson the dog
Wilson has spent half of his life in the home (Picture: Birmingham Dogs Home)
This beauty is four-year-old Wilson.

Sadly, he has spent half his life in the centre and just wants a human to take him home and care for him.

‘We have two centres, on in Birmingham and one in Wolverhampton where we have capacity for about 150 rescue pets,’ Fi Harrison, head of fundraising and communications for Birmingham Dogs Home, told Birmingham Live.

‘We haven’t seen a change in the number of abandoned dogs during lockdown but we are at capacity at the moment.

‘Our team have prepared for a flux but as of yet we haven’t seen one. The major difference is the length of the process for re-homing a dog.

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‘When we used to be open to the public it was much easier for people to come in and meet the dogs and start the rehoming process but it’s not like that anymore.

‘We have had to start a system where they look at or dogs online and book an appointment to come in and meet them that way so it does take longer.’

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