These cheeky animals have been crowned the UK’s naughtiest pets

some of the naughtiest pets in the UK
Look at those guilty faces (Picture: SO-SURE)

Some of the country’s most mischievous pets have been revealed.

A handful of four-legged friends have been crowned as the UK’s naughtiest animals – with a one-year-old puppy, called Laya, securing the top spot.

With more than 150 hilarious entries, the organisers behind the rankings (insurance providersSO-SURE) had a tough time whittling down a short-list.

But a few canines stood out with their cheeky personalities.

Laya’s destructive antics saw her scoop first place, as she’s recently chewed cushions, duvets and more than 20 pairs of shoes to scraps.

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The mixed breed from Haverfordwest may be the winner of the competition, but a number of other naughty dogs followed close behind. Evie, a one-year-old Labradooble from Leeds, placed second after proudly chewing through her family’s football goal net. Likewise, Daisy the chocolate Labrador came in third position for her kitchen-raiding antics. A cheeky greyhound from Bournemouth, called Lightning, came fourth after tearing his new mattress topper bed to shreds. Miniature dachshund Gwynnie scooped fifth place after fashioning herself a sleeping bag out of a pillow.

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Take a look at the UK’s naughtiest dog rankings below:

1. Laya, Mixed Breed, 1

Winner Laya mixed breed
Oh Laya (Picture: SO-SURE)

2. Evie, Labradoodle, 1

Evie the Labradoodle
Up to no good (Picture: SO-SURE)

3. Daisy, Labrador, 13

Daisy the Labrador
A path of destruction (Picture: SO-SURE)

4. Lightning, Greyhound, 3

Lighting the greyhound
Lightning saw his opportunity and took it (Picture: SO-SURE)

5. Gwynnie, Miniature Dachshund, 1

Gwynnie the mini sausage dog
Cosy now Gwynnie? (Picture: SO-SURE)

6. Kittens Orion and Cleo, 12 weeks

Kittens Orion and Cleo
Oh dear (Picture: SO-SURE)

7. Shelby, Sproodle, 12 weeks

Shelby the Sproodle
Oops (Picture: SO-SURE)

8. Buster, Bulldog, 6

buster the bulldog
Naughty Buster (Picture: SO-SURE)

9. Leo, Fox Red Labrador

Leo the red fox labrador
Hiding in shame (Picture: SO-SURE)

10. Derek, Dachshund

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Derek the dachshund
Derek reflecting on his actions (Picture: SO-SURE)

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