These breeds of dog suffer the most when the weather gets too hot

Pugs suffer the most in the heat (Picture: Getty Images)

Dog owners need to be extra careful with their pets in the hot weather, and some breeds need some extra attention this week.

Short nosed pets, including French bulldogs, shih tzus and pugs suffer the most when the weather gets too hot. house vet Steph Wenban’s said: ‘Short nosed breeds such as French bulldogs, shih tzus and pugs are more likely to overheat as they struggle to pant sufficiently to regulate their temperature due to the excess soft tissue around their airways.

‘This problem is worsened still if they are overweight as the excess weight can further restrict their airways.’

If you are concerned that your dog is struggling with the heat look out for the following symptoms: difficulty with walking, slower walking, any change in rate or depth of breathing, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Front innocent face of young Shih Tzu dog, long tongue and doubtful, on green lawn with soft light
Short nosed pets are most vulnerable in hot temperatures (Picture: Shutterstock)
Dog French Bulldog
French bulldogs can overheat and suffer sun strokes (Picture: Getty Images)

If you are concerned about your dog, please call a vet immediately as heat stroke can be fatal if not caught quickly.

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There’s also a seven second test to check if it’s too hot to take your dogs out for a walk.

If you are unable to leave your hand on the Tarmac for seven seconds your dog won’t want its paws on there either. The Dogs Trust has issued guidance on making sure your pets are okay on walks and keeping them cool in the sizzling heat.
Outside temperature infographic
This is how hot it is in your car compared to outside