These are the 'wackiest' pet names of 2020

The results are in! The wackiest dog and cat names of 2020 are Scarlett No Haira and Edgar Allan Paw.Nationwide, which insures more than 800,000 pets in the United States, shared some of the most whimsical names of the year from its database and asked clients to vote for their favorites.Canine competition was fierce, with a Chinese crested dog named Scarlett No Haira edging out finalists like Anakin Tailwagger, Joan of Bark, Sugar Bubbles Fancypants, Andre Igoudogla, Madame Squishy Van Wrinkleface, Stella Barktois, The Other Dude, Trillium Points Jacobs Ladder and Zoe Max Berger Sacks.
Scarlett No Haira, a 2-year-old Chinese crested dog, acts like a lady by ringing a bell to go outside to potty. She learned that skill from her predecessor, another Chinese crested named Cher.Courtesy of Nationwide
For felines, a black cat named Edgar Allan Paw landed on his feet by defeating a feisty field that included Admiral Turbo Meowington, Captain Sushi, Copurrrnicus, Ella Whiskers Oreo Hurst, Fernsbane the Inquisitive, Macaroni Bob, Mingus Pookiebutts, Neville Furbottom and Tika Meowsala.Dr. Jules Benson, chief veterinary officer at Nationwide, finds such creative pet names delightful.“I’m always mystified when I meet someone who says they don’t like puns,” he told TODAY. “It’s the most amazing thing that we have within the English language — this silliness that we can have with them. The fact that the two winners are Scarlett No Haira and Edgar Allan Paw, I think, is fantastic.”

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As a veterinarian, Benson enjoys treating pets with unusual monikers and said it’s a treat for his colleagues, too.

“The veterinary industry is full of the most warmhearted, wonderful people. And when we see something like that in the medical record, it gives us a license to be a little bit sillier than we would normally,” he said. “Especially this year, I think that’s a wonderful thing — a gift to give to my veterinary colleagues to have these imaginative names that give us a little insight into who you are and where you’re coming from.”

No matter a dog or cat's name, from Corona and Fauci to this dog's memorable moniker Madame Squishy Van Wrinkleface, spending time with pets decreases stress hormones and increases the ones associated with love and care, like oxytocin, according to Dr. Jules Benson.Courtesy of Nationwide
This year’s wacky winners share special relationships with their families. Top dog Scarlett No Haira “fell into our lap” when Virginia resident Kathleen Carter and her husband were both undergoing cancer treatments.“We say that’s what got us through — because she made us laugh,” Carter told TODAY. “Even if we were feeling bad, she just would snuggle up against us.”

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Now the family, which also includes another Chinese crested named Loretta Lynn (past pets have included Lucille Bald and Cher), enjoys camping together. Scarlett also loves riding in golf carts, according to Carter.

“She’s just the sweetest thing,” she said.

Across the country in Fairfield, California, frisky feline Edgar Allan Paw entertains Brian and Celena Montoya and their 12-year-old daughter, Celeste. In fact, the tween taught their black cat to sit and fetch.“Eddie has this little toy that looks like a mouse, and he’ll grab it and bring it over and drop it at your feet,” Brian Montoya told TODAY. “He’ll wait for you to throw it or kick it away and then he’ll go get it and bring it back to you. It’s pretty funny.”