These are the most popular puppy and kitten names in 2020

Cat and dog sleeping. Puppy and kitten sleep.
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With everyone having more time at home this year, lots of people have welcomed new pets.

Now, the most popular names for puppies and kittens in 2020 have been revealed by Pets at Home. And it turns out that the constant news cycle has had an impact on all those new additions to the family, with a 145% increase in puppies and kittens named Boris this year.
Pets at Home tracks the names of pets through the registrations to its VIP Club over the past 12 months. For dogs, Bella, Poppy, Lola and Alfie were the top choices. For cats, Luna, Bella, Poppy and Charlie were most popular. Claire Gavin, Director of Innovation at Pets at Home, said: ‘Welcoming a new pet is incredibly special and deciding on a suitable name is a big decision.

‘The companionship of our furry friends has been so important to many pet owners during lockdown and it’s clear that those special moments have been a highlight in what has been a really tough year.’

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You can search and see the most popular choices for a whole range of animals with the Pets at Home name finder.

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