These are the most popular dog and cat names from 2021

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Thanks to working from home remaining the norm for many up and down the country, pet ownership was still on the rise in 2021.

Veterinary care app Joii Pet Care was able to use data from a whopping 200,000 pet registrations last year to determine what the most popular dog and cat names are. Milo, Bella, Luna, Daisy and Poppy were all popular among both dogs and cats in 2021.

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These numbers show that the top five names for both species have remained pretty similar to 2020.

Bella kept the top spot for female dog names, while Teddy rose four places to take the top spot from Alfie. For cats, Milo and Luna both kept their number one ranking, while Bella has also proven a popular name for female cats – staying in second place for another year. Lola stayed popular enough to rank in the top five for female dog names but was replaced by Poppy in fifth place for female cats.

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Meanwhile, Max is a new top contender for male dogs, but their list for female dogs has remained totally unchanged from 2020 to 2021.

Vet Dr Samantha Webster of Joii Pet Care said: ‘Pet ownership is continuing to rise in the UK as people have more time at home, and we don’t expect that trend to end soon.’

Whether you’ve landed on this article for some pet name inspiration or to check if your beloved cat or dog’s moniker made the cut, let us know your faves in the comments below.

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