There’s a pop-up coming to London next week and it’s just for dogs

A dog lying on the floor, face up, smiling with leaves on the floor around him/her
Your pup can chill out, get a massage or go hunting for treats (Picture: Lily’s Kitchen)

Has your pooch been an especially good boy or girl lately? Then it’s time for a treat.

Pet food brand Lily’s Kitchen is hosting a two-day pop-up next week in Belgravia on 26-27 October and it’s dedicated entirely to our furry friends. Please welcome House of Treats, a space where pups can do pretty much anything they want, without getting into trouble.

The best part? You don’t need to clean up after them.

There are five different experiences on offer, including ‘Petflix & Chill’ – a doggy den with sofas and canine-friendly films playing on a loop, as well as movie snacks – and a specially-created laundry room, filled with socks; socks in a washing machine, socks in a laundry basket and socks hanging from washing lines.

After the pooches have exhausted themselves from playing with socks, they can slip into a doggy bath robe and visit the mini dog spa for a treatment – choose from paw, tummy, back or hot bone massage.

Elsewhere, dogs will be enjoying bubbles – the bath kind – with some quiet time in the tub, including shower caps and squeaky rubber ducks for those who fancy it.

No pet pop-up would be complete without some outdoor space to revel around in.

The animals are welcome to explore the garden, which has been transformed into an ‘autumn wonderland’.

Learn to read your dogs body language. Since no dog I know of is able to mosey up to the kitchen table, pour himself a cup of coffee, and confess to all of the things that annoy, frighten, and stress him out, I suggest that the next best thing is to learn to read your dog’s many signals and body language. This is how your dog will communicate with you.

They can get as messy as they want, playing with leaves, rolling around in the dirt or hunt for Proper Treats – the newly launched dog snack from Lily’s Kitchen – in fact, there’s an actual wheelbarrow filled with the goodies. ‘Lily’s Kitchen believes pets are family and they bring so much love to our home, which is why we’ve created a house that’s specially designed to treat them,’ said Henrietta Morrison, founder of Lily’s Kitchen.

‘House of Treats leaves dogs to their own devices and allows them to enjoy their own little moments of joy.’

The experience is open from 10am to 6pm each day, with 30-minute slots available to book and there’a a maximum of two dogs per entry.

Now for the bad news – unfortunately, tickets are currently sold out. But, walk-ins are welcome. so why not swing by during your daily dog walk, and see if someone else has cancelled?

Keep your paws crossed.

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