The UK’s most popular dog and cat breeds during lockdown - Revealed

THE most popular pet names and breeds have been revealed. See the full list here.

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GoCompare analysed pet-insurance quotes from March 2020 to February 2021 to discover the most popular names and most in-demand breeds. Demand for dogs during lockdown has spiked as many people spend more time at home. And it is French Bulldogs which are the most popular breeds.
French Bulldogs are a favourite of celebs such as Lady Gaga, Reece Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman.And the dog narrowly beat Labrador Retrievers into second place.

The research also showed top names for dogs acquired during lockdown.

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Dog and cat

The most popular names for dogs and cats. (Image: Getty)

french bulldog

The most popular name for French Bulldogs was Reggie. (Image: Getty)

The top 10 dog names during lockdown were:

1.Luna (1,753 dogs)

2.Bella (1,492)3.Milo (1,352)

4.Teddy (1,067)

5.Buddy (1,020)

6. Lola (946)7. Coco (887)8. Bailey (858)9. Reggie (779)10. Charlie (775)

Cocker spaniel

The most popular name for cocker spaniel's was Milo. (Image: Getty)

The researchers also revealed the most popular dog breeds and the names most commonly assigned for each:

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1.French Bulldog (Reggie, 219)

2.Labrador retriever (Luna, 142)

3.Cocker spaniel (Milo, 105)

4.German shepherd (Luna, 59)5.Bulldog (Winston, 55)

6.Staffordshire bull terrier (Luna, 55)

7.Miniature short-haired dachshund (Frank, 40)8.English springer spaniel (Archie, 29)

9.Border collie (Buddy, 33)

10.Golden retriever (Max, 30)

Black cat

The most popular name for cats was Luna. (Image: Getty)

The top 10 cat names during lockdown were:

1.Luna (416)

2.Milo (214)

3.Simba (184)

4.Nala (154)5.Loki (151)

6.Charlie (146)

7.Bella (143)

8.Leo (136)

9.Willow (135)

10.Coco (133)

British shorthair

The most popular names for British Shorthair cats was also Luna. (Image: Getty)

The most popular cat names by breed:

1.Moggie (Luna, 314)

2.Ragdoll (Luna, 21)

3.Bengal (Robyn, 26)

4.Maine Coon (Clyde, 15)5.British Shorthair (Luna, 20)6.Persian (Marmalade, 13)7.British Blue Shorthair (Blue, 13)8.Siamese (Holly, 18)

9.Sphynx (Ru, 4)

10.Russian Blue (Luna, 5)DON'T MISSASDA issues message over safety of women 'We are there for you' [UK]‘William is Diana's son too!’ Royal expert hits out at Prince Harry [ROYAL]Meghan Markle and Harry shamed for disrespecting Queen [ROYAL]


Pet demand has risen in lockdown. (Image: Getty)Pet Expert at GoCompare, Sally Jacques, said: “Since spending more time at home in lockdown, the demand for pets has skyrocketed.

“While people have more time to spend with their pets at the moment, you also have to consider the long-term commitments of being a pet owner. For example, working from home will allow you to tend to your pets with more flexibility, but there will inevitably be more time constraints in a post-lockdown world, especially if you will be returning back to work outside the home.

“Another crucial consideration is the best type of breed to suit your lifestyle and your financial circumstances. Training your pets takes a lot of time and effort so you need to be committed to supporting your pet throughout their life.

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“We would always recommend researching the breed you are interested in and speak to other owners if possible. Make sure you understand the nature and personalities of different breeds and their unique needs in relation to what you can offer them.”