The summer hat that tops them all | Brief letters

Sam Wolfson’s article on summer hats for men (G2, 9 August) curiously makes no mention of the obvious solution for those going thin on top: the Panama. It is dateless, comes in a range of styles and prices, copes with occasions from garden parties to weeding the allotment, keeps your head cool and shades your eyes from the sun. (The Eyewitness photo in the same Guardian shows that Kim Jong-un agrees with me.)
Sebastian Robinson

• My father was in his early 50s when my youngest sister was born. A few years later after alighting from a train at a south coast seaside resort the two of them were accosted by a campaigning Denis Healey who asked my sister if she was looking forward to spending the day with her granddad (Letters, passim). My father, up to that point a Labour supporter, swore he’d never vote Labour again.
Dave Pope

• Mike Hine (Letters, 11 August) says Eve “surely had the most significant impact on world history”. I’d suggest that if we’re staying in the world of myth, then the spirit of Lilith probably had more of an effect.
Richard Lee
Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

• I was disappointed that in your article on the Parker Solar Probe (Touching the sun…, 11 August) you did not use the headline “Set the controls for the heart of the sun”, but perhaps that just shows my age and musical tastes?
David Gibson

• Our neighbours’ son has a boxer dog called Janet, and an ex-colleague’s cat is Mavis (There’s no debate: you don’t call dogs ‘Alan’, G2, 8 August).
Barbara Thompson

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