The Most Determined Kitten

Nikki had taken care of a number of cats as a foster parent.Most Determined Kitten

When it came to Scottie, she was both excited and scared at the same time. Scottie missed his back legs. Instead, there were two short nodes. Nikki was not sure whether she would manage to give Scottie all the care he needed. But she loved the cat so much she wanted to give it a try.Most Determined Kitten Scottie was not very quick to adapt to the new environment. He mewed a lot whenever he did not like something. He also always wanted to be petted, so Nikki kept him like her little shadow. However, she knew it was alright, as the cat was so little, and she needed to feel protected.

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Scottie loved company, and spending the night in his own corner was not an option. From the very first night Nikki realized that, and moved him to her own bed. She also made the most adorable little stairs next to her bed, because Scottie’s tiny back legs did not allow him to jump on the bed.

From the very beginning, Nikki knew that Scottie was the most determined little kitten. The way he always ran around the house and climbed everything despite the condition of legs made it clear. However, his determination really showed when he saw the other cats climbing the cat tree, and decided to do that too.

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Nikki says that by just looking at his face, she could tell that he was making a plan on how to do that. He could not jump on it, like the other cats do. But soon, he realized that all he needed to do was to use the strength of his front paws and climb it. Nikki was so proud of him, and wanted to praise him all day long.

After that case, Nikki realized that Scottie was totally independent, and was no difference than the other cats. And that was all she need to know before finding him a forever family.

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