Thanks to the writers who got us through 2021

Your series of articles rightly cite many who have helped Guardian writers through 2021. But it is those writers themselves who have provided clarity of thought, insightfulness and humour to the paper’s readers. While there are too many to mention from my own point of view, I hail Marina Hyde and John Crace for providing me with laugh-out-loud moments – precious indeed. Many thanks. Sarah Foxall Collingbourne Ducis, Wiltshire Mary Pickard is correct about animals leading a more orderly existence than humans (Letters, 28 December ). My cat, who sleeps on my bed all night, regularly bites my hair at 6.30am so that I have to get up and feed him. If only the prime minister was as reliable.Meirion Bowen London “Thanks Peter God” (Letters, 27 December ) reminded me of the tale of the children burying their recently deceased pet rabbit in the garden. As they reverently lowered the shoebox coffin into the grave, they were overheard reciting the appropriate words: “In the name of the Father, the Son and in the hole he goes.”Chris Pietryga Plumpton, Cumbria

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOUR PET: Your dog can help get you a date! One study showed that a man’s chances of getting a girl’s phone number went from 10% to 33%, just by having a dog with them. In the study, a staggering 66% of men and women would not date someone who didn’t like pets.

I thought a girl in my class was especially favoured when I sang “He made their glowing Carlas” in All Things Bright and Beautiful.Alyson Elliman Carshalton, Surrey I’ve always read dishevelled as dis-hevelled, and am disappointed to find there’s no verb “hevel” meaning “to make tidy” (From respair to cacklefart – the joy of reclaiming long-lost positive words, 26 December ).David Parlett London Up to and including 2020, you have published on average 8.5 letters of mine per year. Having got eight in so far this year, I wonder if you could find room for just a half-letter, so that I might maint-Fr Alec Mitchell Holyhead, Anglesey