Tesla vehicles have a "Dog Mode" function and this is the photo that left users shocked

November 27, 2020 3 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.These days, three photographs have circulated on Facebook where a puppy appears inside a Tesla vehicle, while it quietly waits for its owner. Inside the car, a screen appears that shows a message that says "My owner will be back soon", it is also observed that the car sets the waiting time and the ideal temperature.

Image: Miranda Edwards via Facebook

The puppy can remain comfortable and without worries due to the increase in temperature during the wait, since unlike conventional cars, conditions vary and usually affect its stay inside the vehicle.

That said, owners can go shopping without affecting their pets, which remain safe while they wait.

Many Facebook users commented that it is the car of their dreams, due to this effective function that, like Elon Musk, they value their 4-legged friends very much. Among the appreciated comments from readers: "My pet needs a Tesla" or "Reason enough to buy one" and many others.

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How does Tesla's “Dog Mode” work?

As already mentioned, this function allows to maintain the temperature at a suitable level for the well-being and comfort of pets.

It is known that during the summer or very hot times it is not good to leave the animals locked inside the car, since there is a high risk of death from extreme heat that can be reached inside a vehicle. In times of high temperatures, when the vehicle is at rest exposed to the sun it can exceed up to 35 degrees - in some places it can reach 55 degrees - which is deadly for animals.

In order to avoid the above, Tesla engineers created the function and even when the car is turned off, the desired temperature can be adjusted. Therefore, the car can send an alert to the driver for battery consumption when using this system, an alert when it is at 20% less charge.

In the same way, to warn pedestrians who pass near the vehicle and may be concerned about the condition of the animal, they can reassure themselves by observing the sign displayed on the car screen that says “My master will come soon. Don't worry, the climate control is on at a temperature of - set degrees- “.

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