Terrified dog really doesn’t want to have his nails cut

Pain is beauty – but it looks like nobody told this pug.

The poor thing was filmed having a grooming nightmare as two vets try to hold him still and trim his nails.

He starts squealing and trying to grab his paws away in a bid to get free of the torture.

The look on his face is probably most comparable to The Scream by Edvard Munch.

Both vets don’t seem very sympathetic, and start laughing at its apparent overreaction.

The clip has been widely shared, however it isn’t clear where it was filmed.

Make it stop

Dogs need to get their nails clipped if they aren’t filed down naturally through walking on concrete pavements, for example.

They may otherwise get their claws caught in the furniture.

So perhaps it is all for the pug’s own good, even though he doesn’t seem convinced of that.