Tell us about the moment you realised your cat loved you

If you have lived with a cat we’d like to hear your stories about when you discovered they returned your affection

Tell us about the moment you realised your cat loved you

Cats, it turns out, love humans more than we might think. Despite their contrary and aloof reputation, our feline friends form close emotional attachments to people who look after them – much like babies and dogs do.

“Our study indicates that when cats live in a state of dependency with a human, the majority use humans as a source of comfort,” Dr Kristyn Bitale of Oregon State University, one of the researchers.

Have you lived with a cat? If so we’d like to hear your stories about the moment you realised your cat really loved you.

Did you return from a holiday to be slathered with affection? Perhaps you had a period of ill health and they didn’t leave your side.

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