Teen reckons she’s found the world’s smallest Wotsit which measures a tiny 1cm

Girl holding tiny crips
Look at this little baby crisp (Picture: SWNS)
A teenager says she has found the world’s smallest Wotsit – a tiny crisp measuring less than 1cm long. Elisha Plester, 17, was watching the Cobra Kai series on Netflix in bed when she discovered the abnormally minuscule crisp in her snack bag of Walkers Wotsits.

The Wotsit measures 0.9cm in length and 0.4cm in width, making it tiny in comparison to any of the other regular-sized snacks – which are around 5cm.

Elisha, from Royston, Hertfordshire, had to react quickly to stop her six-year-old border terrier cross, Cinderella, eating it straight out of her hand.
The teen, who works in a kid’s fun barn, said: ‘I was watching a Netflix series trying to eat the Wotsits as quickly as I could because my dog is obsessed with them.

‘She sits on my shoulder trying to nab the crisps when they’re travelling from the packet to my mouth.

‘When I saw this Wotsit I had to protect it at all costs. Thankfully, I was able to put it to the side without her getting her paws on it.’

Elisha Plester's weeny Wotsit.
Smaller than a penny (Picture: Elisha Plester / SWNS)

Elisha may have found the smallest Wotsit but elsewhere, they’ve been working on the largest version of the cheese puff.

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Earlier in the month, a ten-metre long Wotsit was created, breaking the Guinness world record. The snack was created at the Walkers factory in Leicester in an attempt to break the world record for the longest puffed corn snack on the planet. After adjudicator Paulina Sapinska measured the Wotsit, she declared it was exactly 10.66m and ruled it was a world record. They did the attempt to celebrate the launch of Wotsits Giants – which are twice the size of the classic puffed snack pieces. Speaking at the time, Wayne Rowland, from Walkers said: ‘When the team called me up and suggested this I couldn’t believe it – we’re always looking for ways of inventing new, innovative creations, but it’s not often you get briefed to make the world’s biggest Wotsit.

‘This just proves that size really does matter when it comes to snacking. We’re going get it mounted and display it on the wall at the factory!’

We would’ve just eaten it.

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