Take a look at these happy dogs before and after their much-needed haircuts

dogs before and after haircuts
This fluffy boy needs a trim (Picture: SWNS)

With many of us having gone months without a decent haircut, we can all relate to these dogs in desperate need of a trim.

While we wait for hairdressers to be able to safely reopen, at least we can get the vicarious relief of a proper chop by looking at photos of dogs before and after their grooming sessions.

Staff at Bone Idol grooming salon in Brighton have been capturing snaps of pups after their makeovers, having noticed a surge in clients booking their dogs in after lockdown measures were relaxed.

Before a dog arrives at Bone Idol the salon staff put on PPE masks and gloves, then unlock the door for the customer.

The customer then enters the salon and places their dog into a waiting crate, removing the collar and lead and then using hand sanitiser before leaving.

After that staff disinfect the door handles, lock the door and take the dog to be groomed.

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A Bichon Frise before and after a good grooming session (Picture: SWNS)

The crate is also cleaned ready for the next doggy arrival and at the end they are collected from a separate exit crate.

Spay and neuter your pet. Studies have shown that pets that are spayed and neutered live healthier, longer lives. Plus, spayed a neutered pets are less likely to develop behavior problems.

Salon owner Scott Learmouth said: ‘More than 350 clients called to book after it was announced that the restrictions had been lifted.

‘All of our clients really love their pets and keep up with their grooming visits religiously, so some of the dogs looked hairier than we have ever seen them.

‘We’ve worked hard to make the salon safe and put in strict social distancing measures, it’s so wonderful to be back to work and seeing all the dogs and their owners again, and be able to do that safely.

‘All the dogs are now back looking fabulous again, ahead of all of us who have to wait for human hairdressers a little while longer!’

Enjoy the pics below – just slide back and forth to give the dogs a good groom:

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A very good boy (Picture: SWNS)

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People with fringes will feel these photos on a deeper level (Picture: SWNS)

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This three-legged pup looks absolutely dashing (Picture: SWNS)

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From scruffy to stylish (Picture: SWNS)

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A lovely job (Picture: SWNS)

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So distinguished (Picture: SWNS)

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Another miniature Schnauzer who needed a good trim (Picture: SWNS)

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What a pretty pair (Picture: SWNS)

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Good boy (Picture: SWNS)

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Everyone needs great facial hair (Picture: SWNS)
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