‘Tails’ of separation

Leaving a house, full of pets, is a problem. In my mother’s house, we have three dogs – Simba, JW and Sheroo. Communication technology has connected people on a large scale but it has not been able to connect people with their pets except through photographs.
Till the time I was in Class IV, I wasn’t much of a dog lover. One day, my mother brought home a female Labrador named Whisky. Little did I know that things would come a full circle. I was so scared that I refused to get off the bed, even screaming every time she came near me. It took me a month before I was convinced she wouldn’t harm me, and before I knew it I became her fan, and she, my best friend.

Now, I can’t live without my dogs. I have shifted from Ahmedabad to Delhi for college, and currently staying with my grandparents. Shifting to a new city is okay, but the worst part is learning to live without my dogs. I am so used to having them moving around my legs and cuddling them that it’s painful being without them. I don’t miss my parents as much as I miss my furry buddies (as Mummy and Papa’s absence is compensated by Nani & Nanu).

People who are afraid of dogs have a distinct scent and it is amazing how effectively dogs can sense this. Usually when someone is scared, they tend to sweat more, and dogs can easily smell the scent.

Apart from fear, dogs can also smell various other moods – sorrow, anxiety and sadness. When you are anxious, there is an adrenaline rush in your system which leads to increased blood flow and heart rate. The activity in your brain is reflected on your skin by means of scent, and your beloved pooch sniffs your anxiety.

Sniffing comes naturally to dogs. Sniffing out ‘stories’ while walking in the neighbourhood is their favourite pastime. So, now when you take your pet for a walk, let them sniff around and explore stories. Also, peeing at every nook and cranny is their way of leaving comments (read traces) on the stories. This is their social media, so let them enjoy it. (Story source: www.dogsandpupsmagazine.com www.facebook.com/Dogsandpupsmag)

By: Rishika Ghai

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