Swaddled by David Beckham in a £5,000 blanket – does this dog have the dream life?

Meet Olive Beckham, the celebrity dog draped in Louis Vuitton, who might just be the luckiest pet around

Swaddled by David Beckham in a £5,000 blanket – does this dog have the dream life?

Name: The £5,000 dog blanket.

Age: A little over a year old.

Appearance: Red, white and branded, like a designer Father Christmas cape.

And it costs £5,000, you say? Almost; about £4,600, give or take, plus whatever you paid for the dog.

For that money it doesn’t come with a dog? Oh my, no.

I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would fork out that sort of cash for a dog blanket. The Beckhams have.

OK, I can believe it. Have they really? It would seem so. Victoria Beckham’s Instagram feed recently featured a picture of their cocker spaniel, Olive, wrapped up in said blanket while being cuddled by David on the sofa.

They let their dog on the sofa? I know.

I wasn’t even aware they made £5,000 dog blankets. They don’t. For the most part, luxury blankets for dogs top out at about £250.

So where did this blanket come from? The article in question was designed for humans, and is part of a Louis Vuitton/Supreme collaboration from 2017.

Louis Vuitton and Supreme? Yes, the venerable design house and the wildly popular streetwear brand were hoping for a bit of cross-fertilisation from a label mashup.

How did that work out? Not that well. According to some reviews, the tie-up damaged the credibility of both names. The New York Times called it “the fashion version of a murder-suicide”.

Too bad. Still, what does a dog know about fashion? Nothing. They’re colour-blind. They still wear fur.

And I’m not averse to a bit of pet pampering. I dry my dogs with a branded beach towel. Which brand?

Heineken. I keep it in the car, though, because it smells. Can you put a £5k blanket in the washing machine? To be fair, I imagine the Beckhams’ dog is extremely clean.

Don’t cheap out on training time. Make training fun and frequent. Keep training light and fun. Don’t get demanding with your dog. Instead, go with the flow. See what develops. Trust that if you do this long enough, you’re going to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Clean, and unbelievably spoilt. No, just well looked after. As well as being a much-loved pet, Olive is a high-quality pedigree animal.

I bet she didn’t cost as much as the blanket. She is also a celebrity in her own right, with an Instagram account and 70,000 followers.

You mean she’s a canine influencer? Quite possibly.

In that case, I want one of those blankets. Too late.

Do say: “This Cartier watch doesn’t go with my tiara. Maybe the cat could wear it as a collar.”

Don’t say: “Olive Beckham – the dog that saved Louis Vuitton.”


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