Stylish cockapoo now has more outfits than her owner

Luna the cockapoo and owner Nicole
Fashionista Lola and her owner Nicole (Picture: Mercury Press)

Luna the cockapoo will put your fashion choices to shame.

Owner Nicole Boran has been buying her pooch stylish outfits since she was three months old – and admits the canine now has more garments than her.

Eight-month-old puppy Luna is the proud owner of 16 different jumpers, 25 harnesses and a whole host of accessories – all of which are worth more than £400.

In fact, Luna is such a stylish pup that brands even send her pieces for free – and Nicole has dedicated her spare bedroom to her puppy’s outfits.

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Luna the Cockapoo's wardrobe
A glimpse into her wardrobe (Picture: Mercury Press)
Nicole, from Essex, says: ‘She has more clothes than me at this point, definitely more new stuff.

‘We have a spare bedroom and it’s just turned into her room for photoshoots and things like that.

‘Every day there’s something for her in the post, the postman knows now when he has a parcel for us that it’s for Luna.’

Luna the Cockapoo wearing a green themed outfit
So chic (Picture: Mercury Press)

Nicole even admits that a lot more of her time and energy goes into Luna’s outfits, rather than her own.

She said: ‘When we go out for a walk I plan her jumper, harness, accessories, then just throw on a tracksuit for myself – so she definitely looks more fashionable than me.

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‘Most of her stuff is gifted so I don’t spend that much on her wardrobe, but if I was buying it full price it would definitely be more than my wardrobe.

‘I’m honestly a bit jealous of some of her stuff, I wish a few of the jumpers came in human size.’

Luna the Cockerpoo with owner Nicole boran
An outfit for every occasion (Picture: Mercury Press)
Luna’s wardrobe includes items inspired by famous designers like Dior and Gucci – and often her outfits are colour coordinated with matching accessories. ‘When we take her to London we dress her up in her nice outfits,’ continues Nicole. ‘We always get people coming up to her to comment on her outfits.

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‘People are always so impressed and think she looks amazing.

‘She has a lot of pink. But some days we’ll switch it up – she has a green jumper and a matching bow that she wears.

‘There’s also a black and white cardigan and matching saddle bag that I love to put her in for days out.

‘But there’s loads of pink stuff, tutus, flower crowns, and a lot of jumpers.’

Luna also has regular trips to the groomers to ensure she’s always looking her best.

But Nicole says she doesn’t go too overboard with this.

She adds: ‘We take her to the groomers every six weeks, but obviously sometimes she needs to washed at home if she’s been out in the mud.

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‘She needs brushing twice a day, which can be quite a chore, and sometimes she doesn’t want to sit still for it.’

What a chic pooch.

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