Stray dog rescued from certain death over famed Mississippi river

A dog was rescued after almost falling into the Mississippi River. (Photo: Stantec and Getty)
A dog stranded 120 feet above the Mississippi River was rescued by Stantec bridge inspectors, after facing certain death in the treacherous waters of America’s largest river. Bridge inspectors in Natchez, Mississippi just happened to be in the right place at the right time on Sunday as they noticed a stranded dog on their shift.

The dog was just beneath the bridge deck, which was hanging high above ground. The inspectors called the police, who were able to rescue the distressed dog.

An officer then took the dog in for evaluation, but it seemed like the pup was going to be okay.

It was unclear how the dog managed to end up in such a precarious spot on the bridge.

The Mississippi River is known to be extremely dangerous, with strong currents even at the water’s edge.

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The water is dark and muddy, so it is hard to find anything that goes under. The river has claimed thousands of lives.

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