Standard poodle named Siba wins Westminster best in show

A very fluffy and (we're assuming) very good dog named Siba is officially the best in show for the Westminster Kennel Club.

The poodle took home the title on Tuesday night.

Siba triumphed over another dog named Daniel to take first place, despite the Madison Square Garden crowd chanting for the very popular golden retriever.
Daniel the golden retriever put up a good fight in the Westminster Dog Show, finishing in the top seven.Icon Sportswire / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
No golden retriever has won best in show since the Westminster show began in 1877. This, despite being the third most popular breed in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club.
A Whippet named Bourbon won best reserve in show during the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show.Stephanie Keith / Getty Images
Bourbon the whippet finished second. Also in the best-of-seven final ring was Bono the Havanese, Wilma the boxer, Conrad the Shetland sheepdog, Wilma the boxer and Vinny the wire fox terrier.The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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