Spotting the pups in the #HiddenDogChallenge is harder than it sounds

Spotting the pup in the #HiddenDogChallenge is actually quite difficult
Can you spy the pups?

Hide and seek was a favourite game of many a childhood, but who knew our furry friends were so good at it, too?

Turns out they’re camouflage pros and there’s photographic evidence, as thousands of Facebook users have posted pictures as part of the #HiddenDogChallenge.

In the Dogspotting Society Facebook group of 1.1 million dog lovers, members have shared pictures of their dogs in which they’re hidden to varying degrees, with some really tough to pick out.

People from around the world have got involved in the challenge and it’s fair to say it has brought a lot of joy to people at a time when it’s much-needed.

This image left users baffled as Jesslin Ortega’s pug stealthily hides somewhere in the picture with its gamer owner.
Spotting the pup in the #HiddenDogChallenge is actually quite difficult credit jesslin ortega
Look carefully (Picture: Jesslin Ortega)

Other dogs were far less inconspicuous, though, to be fair, size wasn’t exactly on their side.

Krystal Padden’s dog Chester tried his best to be disguised as a plant, but he was ever so slightly too big.
Spotting the pup in the #HiddenDogChallenge is actually quite difficult - krystal Padden
We can just about see this one (Picture: Krystal Padden)
Meanwhile, other dogs were expert hiders. Bryson Leggitt’s dog blends in so well with the snowy landscape that many users were left stumped.

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Spotting the pup in the #HiddenDogChallenge is actually quite difficult credit Byson Leggit
Yes, there really is a dog here (Picture: Byson Leggit)

If you look closely, its little face can be seen slightly to the right of the closest standing tree.

This little cutie thought they could get away with blending in with the stuffed animals. No such luck.

Spotting the pup in the #HiddenDogChallenge is actually quite difficult credit: mel ody
We see you (Picture: Mel Ody )
A representative from the Dogspotting Society Facebook group told Bored Panda: ‘Some are definitely really hard! You really have to be an expert at Dogspotting to find them.

‘For example, a huge white dog could be virtually impossible to find on the side of a snowy hill!

‘Or a tiny chihuahua curled up in a blanket on the couch with only their little nose poking out.

‘So it really is the perfect combination of dog and environment that leads to this fun challenge.’

Can you find all of them?

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