Solutions of pet rivalry: How to deal with sibling rivalry between furry babies

Sibling rivalry in pets especially in dogs looks the same like human siblings. Be it fighting over a food bowl or who gets more attention and love by parents. During childhood, things remain good but as soon as they start growing up the war begins. Sometimes these brawls can turn bloody or lead to one pet getting bullied. So here is how one can ensure that their pets get along-
Signs to identify that it is not just regular pet rivalry

-If one pet gets annoyed when you train the other one and talk to him then it means that sibling rivalry is going on
-When pets bite each other till someone starts bleeding

-When loud fights happen over treats and toys

-When they start hiding from each other or run away when they see the other one

What causes pet siblings to start a war?

Veterinarian Harshita Sahu shares-

-Not introducing dogs to other dogs

-when the needs of the pets are not fulfilled

-When they go through separation anxiety

Some techniques to handle them

Veterinarian Pragyesh Agrawal shares a few tips to handle when things go out of the owner’s hand. “

-The pets should be immediately separated when the fighting takes places frequently.

-Next, the pet parents should identify the cause of the fight it can be a toy which both the pets want or food bowl.

-If they start hurting each other then a basket muzzle will come to the rescue for sure.

- Also putting them in situations where they enjoy each other’s company like going on parallel walks will help them relax”

-Praising and punishing them for their good and bad behaviours respectively

End of the article

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