Sodium bicarbonate: Excessive cleaning in the pandemic is making pets sick

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted everyone’s focus on their health and cleanliness. Right from cleaning the door’s knob once a day to using hand sanitizer every time we pick an alien thing has become everyone’s habit now in the new normal. But this new habit is leading to the rise of allergies in the furry family members. Veterinarian Dr Dilip Sonawane says that he has seen a rise 5-10 percent in the number of allergies cases. “People are in a state of panic and that is why cleanliness at home is topping their priority lists. The alcohol in the sanitizer leads to ‘alcohol toxicity’ since they lick our hands or while we spray it; it falls on the objects in the house. The disinfectants which we use to clean the house and the furniture again leads to skin-related allergies like rashes, dry skin, and hair fall” shares Dr Sonune.
Dr Nikita Shashtri says that certain simple ways of using the same products can reduce these allergies. “Following a few tips can save a trip to the vet for sure. Pet parents should buy sanitizers in which the concentration of alcohol is less or shifting to handwashing with soap is the best option which is even recommended by the WHO. When it comes disinfectants then diluting it in more water always helps because now the pets are exposed to it more often” shares Nikita.

While Petcare brand found Anushka Iyer who is a mother of three dogs has her own techniques too. “I dip my fabrics in hot water because nothing beats that. If there are stains then I use baking soda or apple cider vinegar which works as wonders when diluted with water. Mixing tea tree oil and lemon juice as a floor cleaner is one thing which my dogs don’t get irritated with”

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Reduce Stress. Dr. Becker notes, “The key is to reduce anxiety triggers.” If you have a vet visit, “don’t get the carrier out the night before,” give them a few days to get prepared. If they’re nervous alone or travelling, play soothing music, or draw the shades. The less stimulus pets receive from the outside world, the less anxiety they’ll have about events outside their control.

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