'So embarrassed' Dog owner red-faced on ‘awkward’ walks in the park over pet’s name

A DOG owner has been left red-faced after allowing her dad to pick a "weird" name for her dachshund that she now struggles to explain to fellow dog walkers.

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The dog owner turned to her father for help when she could not think of what to name her new puppy. However, she soon regretted allowing her dad to choose her pup’s unusual name after realising how difficult it was constantly having to explain it to strangers on the street.

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She shared her embarrassment on Reddit, turning to fellow users for support after getting fed up with her dog’s unconventional name being misunderstood.The dog owner explained her dad had named her dog Bag, which translates to Tasche in German, the Mirror reported.

She said she would often be overheard shouting her dog’s name in the park when trying to get the pup’s attention.

The unusual name would typically prompt questions from inquisitive dog owners who would be left bemused by the explanation.

The Reddit user said she hated having to explain the “weird” name to strangers and wished she hadn’t gone for something more simple.

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She said: "It's a funny name for a dog in general but I hate it when people want to know her name from curiosity.


The dog owner was embarrassed to shout the name in public. (Image: Stock image/Getty)

"It's just awkward for me, especially when they misunderstand her name and I have to repeat it."

The owner pleaded with people to avoid questioning a dog’s name when it’s something they haven't heard before.

She said: "If you want to know, for example, the name of the dog of a pedestrian, and it's weird, don't question it.”

Fellow Reddit users responded to the post with reassurance that they too had unconventional names for their pets.

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One wrote: "You shouldn't be ashamed of your dog's unique name.

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dog running

She regretted letting her dad choose the "weird" name. (Image: Stock image/Getty)

"I doubt that she minds her name. I would suggest not reading too much into people's curiosity.

"We named our dog Chipotle after the restaurant. It's an inside joke of my favourite place to eat when I met my wife.

"Most people want to know why, and this gives me an opportunity to have a nice conversation with a stranger. View it as a positive."

Another advised her to ignore strangers asking about her dog’s name.

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They said: "If they're strangers you could just ignore them and pretend you don't hear or understand.

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Other dog owners said she shouldn't be ashamed. (Image: Stock image/Getty)


"If people misunderstand the name that feels normal, but if they're questioning or judging it that's not cool and I would just ignore them."

Other people shared their unusual dog names and sympathised with the awkwardness of having to explain them.

One user said: "I rarely tell people my dog's full name, Finlaggan, because I don’t want questions.

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"The name has deeper meaning to me, but basically she's named after a boat."