Sneaky pug locks owner out of her car

METRO GRAB TWITTER Dog locks woman in car
(Picture: NickUchihaa/Twitter)

All dogs are good boys… But some can be bad boys too when they want.

Pete the pug is one of the more mischievous of the species, which was particularly notable when he locked his owner out of her car.

Twitter user Nick Garcia shared the story on Twitter of how his mother Maria frantically texted their family group chat.

She was using her iPad because Pete had gotten into the car with her phone and keys and promptly locked the door behind him.

There he was sat, happy and unperturbed, while everyone else was freaking out trying to get him out. Classic pug behaviour.

METRO GRAB TWITTER Dog locks woman in car
No woofs given (Picture: NickUchihaa/Twitter)
METRO GRAB TWITTER Dog locks woman in car
Maria messaged the family for help (Picture: NickUchihaa/Twitter)

Maria asked the family to call AAA to the scene of the crime, since she couldn’t even call them herself.

Nick updated that it took three whole hours for them to arrive and free their pet, which was plenty of time for him to sit their smugly watching the world burn.

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Since he shared this ridiculous story, he’s gained over 420,000 likes and 96,000 retweets, with people sharing all sorts of stories about their pugs in response.

They’re known for their silly ways, hilarious running technique, and puppy dog eyes to get what they want.

Multiple posters said their pugs had done the exact same thing to them as Pete, proving just how naughty they can be.

One’s thing for sure: Maria will not be leaving Pete unattended again any time soon.