Simone Biles reveals she was bitten by dog: 'German shepherds don't play'

Not all injuries sustained by Olympians come from working hard to perfect their sport.For GOAT gymnast Simone Biles, for example, the injury came from playing around with a German shepherd in a bad mood.In her Instagram stories on Friday, Biles posted a couple of videos offering some explanation. In the first video, she noted, "Here's an update on my finger after the dog bit me." Text on the screen included notes like, "German shepherds don't play."
Simone Biles revealed in videos on her Instagram stories that she suffered a dog bite on her finger.simonebiles / Instagram
She also noted, "I've grown up my whole life with German shepherds & never got bit. This dog @ the farm just said NOT TODAY."

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Biles, 24, who competed in the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics where she earned a bronze and a silver medal, noted that she did get a tetanus shot.She's a longtime dog fan, telling TODAY in an episode of "My Pet Tale" earlier this year that her French bulldogs, Lilo and Rambo, are "the best dogs" and "fur babies." She added that they watch her while she trains."I grew up with dogs," she said, and noted how Lilo had quickly fit in with the family dogs, which are German shepherds.

"My dogs have made my life better significantly," she added. "They have made me happy when I'm at my low, and even whenever I'm at my high they've made it higher. They have just been the greatest asset that I could have got. ... I wouldn't trade them for the world."

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