Siddharth Malhotra: Cats vs. dogs: Who is a better pet?

Most animal lovers and expecting pet parents might have gone through this dilemma before adopting a pet: A dog or a cat, who makes a better companion? There is no doubt that both the species dominate the Internet equally and some have even earned the status of an 'almost' celebrity. For instance, be it Anushka Sharma or Siddharth Malhotra, their fans love the superstars and their pet dogs—Boxer and Dude Sharma—equally. Also, Alia Bhatt and Jacqueline Fernandes love animals a lot but they love their pet cats—Edward Bhatt and Miu Miu—a little more. If we look at celebrities for inspiration to put an end to this dilemma, we will never arrive at a conclusion! While it’s difficult to say who makes a better pet, but we can surely look at a few differences between a cat and a dog before we take a decision.

Cats need less space while dogs love their freedom
For people who live in small apartments, adopting a cat can be a good idea because they need very less space. However, if space is not a concern, you need not think twice before making a dog a part of your family. Most cats do not mind being left alone while it’s parents go to their respective workplaces, because it can always find a quiet corner to settle down. But if you confine a dog to a closed area for too long, it will grow uncomfortable and crave for company.

Cats vs. dogs: Who is a better pet?

Kittens and puppies have different priorities
You will be surprised to know that once the weaning period is over, kittens are pretty low maintenance than puppies. You can leave a kitten unsupervised at home once they are toilet trained because they are quite happy being indoors provided they have all the necessities. However, puppies are a different ball game altogether because they can be quite mischievous when left alone. From chewing on your furniture to creating a ruckus, they can be a real troublemaker at times.

While cats will keep you home pest free, dogs will drive away strangers
Cats, known for their hunting instincts, are experts at keeping vermins away. Dogs have well-developed protective instincts and there are many instances of famous dogs who are known for their bravery. While it’s not necessary that a pet parent may want to adopt a dog or a cat based on this difference, yet it’s always better to know their natural instinct.

Cats vs. dogs: Who is a better pet?

Dogs need regular bath, cats keep themselves clean
According to experts, adult cats spend 50 per cent of their time in grooming. And this comes as no big surprise because it is not an unfamiliar sight to find a cat licking itself often. Cats do so to clean away food particles which might attract the attention of other predators or animals. On the other hand, you would hardly find a dog with high hygiene levels. But you can always give them a good bath and groom them to look their best. However, most cats do not like being drenched and giving them a bath might turn out to be quite a nightmare--both for the owner as well as for the pet.

Cats are quieter while dogs love being a little noisy
If you are kind of a person who loves noisy and lively company, dogs may be your ideal companion. They are happy-go-lucky creatures who do not mind voicing their opinion, not with words but with their cheerful barks or angry growls. And god forbid if they love barking at strangers because you would not be left with a single moment of peace when guests visit your place. Cats are more peaceful creatures and the only sounds that they know to make are soft purrs or alarming meows!

And one more interesting fact about dogs you need to know - dogs are great disease detectors