Sick reality INSIDE a puppy farm exposed as defenceless dogs suffer in 'brutal' industry

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: HORRIFIC conditions inside puppy farms have been revealed by vet Marc Abraham who went undercover to expose the vicious breeding centres as he campaigned to close them.

The Lucy’s Law campaigner and PupAid founder explained up to 300 dogs were kept in dark, metal-walled barns with rats and not given clean water or proper food. He added their welfare was completely compromised as the puppies were left “damaged” and “at risk”. Speaking to, Mr Abraham said: “When I went undercover in puppy farms, it’s basically dogs kept as agricultural animals which obviously they’re not designed to be.

“They’re kept in pens of sawdust and straw in metal-walled agricultural barns often in the dark. There have been plenty of documentaries about it.

“It’s very noisy because they’re barking all the time which obviously damages eardrums, especially for a newborn pup.

“They’re not given preventative healthcare by vets.

“They’re not given proper food, not given clean water.

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animal cruelty

The horrific conditions inside puppy farms revealed by vet (Image: BBC)

animal cruelty

The Lucy’s Law campaigner and PupAid founder explained up to 300 dogs were kept (Image: BBC)

“There’s rats, there’s everything possible to compromise welfare.

“Puppies are removed too early which obviously has effects on the puppies in later life but obviously with the mother as well.

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“Every single aspect of welfare is damaged or at risk in a puppy farm.

“We’re talking 200 to 300 breeding dogs is quite normal, sometimes more.”

animal cruelty

Mr Abraham said their welfare was completely compromised (Image: BBC)Mr Abraham’s campaign, Lucy’s Law, has since been successful in banning so-called puppy farms in England.

The law bans the sale of kittens and puppies from third parties from April 6 2020, making buyers deal with breeders directly.

Wales and Scotland are also looking to adopt the law named after a former cavalier King Charles spaniel who died in 2016 after suffering poor treatment on a puppy farm in Wales.
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animal cruelty

Lucy's law now bans the sale of puppies from third parties in England (Image: BBC)


He said: “They’re in these places that are almost unreachable like the Welsh Valleys or southern Ireland or eastern Europe that the public would never ever go and see.

“So why not breed as many dogs as possible and spend the least amount of money on them and basically keep them alive just to breed from.

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“When they’re infertile they’re effectively useless and most of them are shot.

“It’s a brutal, horrific industry and hopefully it will be coming to an end soon.”