Siberian Husky’s unique markings makes her look like she’s wearing glasses

Tsuki, the dog with permanent glasses
How cute (Picture: Jam Press)
When Catarina Carvalho, 24, brought home her puppy Tsuki, she quickly fell in love.

At first, she didn’t notice the dog’s unique markings but a few other people noticed and pointed out.

Catarina and her boyfriend Bruno Charters, from from Leiria, Portugal, realised it looked like she had permanent spectacles around her face. Tsuki’s coat, which is mostly white and grey, gets darker on her face, which forms the round shapes over her eyes. ‘We actually didn’t notice it right away,’ Catarina said.

‘We started seeing it because many people would meet her and say she had ‘glasses’ around her eyes.

‘It became kind of her signature image.

Tsuki now
Tsuki now (Picture: Catarina Carvalho/ Jam Press)

‘Now that she’s older the ‘glasses’ are sadly fading away as she is changing into her adult coat.’

She came home in June and is now eight-months-old, but sadly, the shade of her hair has faded.

The couple are still very proud owners and they love sharing photos of her on her Instagram page @citysibe.

Catarina said: ‘Tsuki is very loveable but also super independent, which is a breed trait.

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When Tsuki first came home
When Tsuki first came home (Picture: Catarina Carvalho/ Jam Press)

‘She is starting to get more affectionate as she is growing up but still likes to have her space.

‘She is a very friendly dog and loves both animals and people.

‘She loves to go for walks, run and play with her favourite toy (a raccoon plushie).

‘She also quite likes to take photos for our Instagram account as she always gets the most amazing treats!’

Catarina plans to get another Siberian Husky in a few years to join Tsuki on her playful adventures.

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