'She's a yapper!' Tiniest dog in Britain is chihuahua Daisy - smaller than bag of SUGAR

A TINY chihuahua weighing less than a bag of sugar has claimed the unofficial title of Britain's smallest dog.

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Four-year-old Daisy weighs less than 2lb and can fit into one of her owner’s walking boots. At just 8.5in tall, the tiny Chihuahua cross is dwarfed by other dogs, measuring only knee-high next to a Labrador.

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However, according to owner Grace Sheppard, Daisy is definitely the boss of her canine friends at home.The 26-year-old mother said Daisy rules the roost at home with the family’s two other dogs, Elvis, a six-year-old border terrier, and Oscar, a five-year-old Jack Russell crossed with a cockapoo.Mrs Sheppard, a mortgage administrator, told the Mirror: “She yaps at them to let them know she is in charge.

“She has definitely got small dog syndrome and she certainly prefers humans to other dogs.”

The mum-of-three decided to check Daisy’s dimensions after she read last week about a dog called Olaf that is believed to be Britain’s smallest dog, weighing in at 2lb (32oz) and measuring 9.5in tall.

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Daisy, Britain's tiniest dog

Daisy is a tiny Chihuahua cross, weighing in at less than 2lb. (Image: Albanpix.com)After checking her pup’s height and weight, she discovered Daisy is even smaller.The family has been told Daisy is mostly Chihuahua but has some Yorkshire terrier in her.At eight weeks old, Mrs Sheppard’s husband Jordan, 26, could hold the tiny pup in the palm of his hand.The family expected Daisy to grow more than she has done since they brought her home to their house in Swaffham, Norfolk.

Mrs Sheppard said: “I can’t imagine any dog is smaller than her. We were told that she was mostly Chihuahua, but had a little bit of Yorkshire terrier in her.

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Daisy, Britain's tiniest dog.

At just 8.5in tall, Daisy fits in her owner's walking boot. (Image: Albanpix.com)

"I expected her to grow to be the size of a normal Chihuahua – but she never did.

“I have friends with Chihuahuas and they are double her size. Everyone says how little she is.”

Little Daisy has to wear a harness made for kittens as even the smallest dog size is too large for her.

However, Mrs Sheppard says she usually prefers to be carried or hitch a ride on the family’s buggy rather than walk.

She said: “She is a little lazy. Nine times out of ten, if we go out for a walk, she likes to ride around in the bottom of the buggy.

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“We live in the countryside and we always have birds of prey hanging around over our garden. I’m sure it is because they fancy having her as a snack – but it means we can’t let her out by herself.”

The family - including Isabella, five, Fletcher, two, and Harper, 11 months - leave Daisy to her own devices indoors, where she can often be found hiding underneath their beds or cuddling up with the children’s teddy bears.

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Mrs Sheppard has to break up her dog food into small pieces for her at dinner time, although she also treats her to bits of cheese and boiled carrot.

She said: “She may be a little – but she has a big heart. She is just so loving.”

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